Shikimic Acid

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This is a very short video introducing shikimic acid - I have never heard of it, have you?


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    It's a Mike Adams video & that's who I heard of it from. I've also heard him say it can be found in fennel seeds and star anise as well.

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    @monica197 Shikimic acid is the basis for the antiviral drug Tamiflu (osteltamivir), used to treat extreme illness from influenza.

    I believe Doc Jones has written an article on the use of pine for respiratory illnesses. Partly due to the shikimic acid but also due to other compounds.

    Star anise has one of the highest levels of shikimic acid and I believe that is what was used to make the first Tamiflu (now it can be synthesised). Pine (white pine has the highest) has 1.5%, Sweetgum (Liquidambar) seeds have 1.5% and star anise has up to 7%.

    Other plants that contain shikimic acid include: Spruce, Magnolia, Saxifrage, Eucalyptus, Chameleon Plant.

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    From the gum drop tree that everyone hates! I learned about this from the southern herbalist. Interesting- I've not used it yet- no need but I'm grateful God makes medicine for all ailments.

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    So interesting! I love the smell and taste of anise.

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    Yep, yep - y'all know my obsession with tree medicine!

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    Never heard of either shikimic acid or used dried pine needle for medicinal uses. I have harvested the pitch to make a salve. Will have to learn more about it.