cooking in a Dutch Oven

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Lots of yummy recipes.

Pomegranate braised pot roast. Mexican chicken noodle soup.


  • Michelle D
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    Thanks for the link! I loved cooking in a Dutch oven long ago when I lived with my parents. My dad had a great one that we used to cook so many wonderful things in the house and over the campfire. I recently found it under a pile of storage boxes in my mom's basement. It needs some tlc but I hope to start using it again soon!

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    @RustBeltCowgirl Thanks for the link and I can't wait to try the pomegranate braised pot roast! Sounds wonderful!!

  • JodieDownUnder
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    @RustBeltCowgirl only yesterday I used mine on the bbq. I seared a boned out leg of lamb on the hot plate. (Marinated in lemon & garlic)Put a trivet (cake rack) in the bottom of my Dutch oven poured in some water, then put the lamb in, lid on. Turned the bbq to low, put the hood down & forgot about it for an hour. I carved a most tender and pink, tasty lamb pot roast. Served with roast veg salad & middle eastern rice dish. Had friends around for a long lunch, went down a treat. Love my Chaseur pots, I have 4 different sizes & colours.

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    Dutch oven cooking truly makes the foods taste remarkable! Thanks for sharing the article.