Iceland. icelandic horses. Impressions

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I am on amazing tour in Iceland. Just another outcome of covid. We do not want to wait to do what we want. We just do at the earliest possibility. Who knows what comes after covid.

iceland has always been in my bucket of wishes. And Nordic lights, of course. For Nordic lights one has to travel in winter. That is why we are here. No Nordic lights so far, but one nature wonder after another.

The infrastructure is excellent for cars and for horses. Wherever we travel by car, we see trails for horses like a bicycle rode along the roads, but laid with soft volcanic sand or gravel.

All the horses are out grazing... may be Icelandic moss? Beautiful horses. And many riders. Anyone from Iceland in the Network?

@Ferg have you ever been in Iceland? As far as I remember, you mentioned once that you are an Iceland fan 😊


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    It is a gorgeous country! My great uncle lived there for a while. It actually isn't as cold as Greenland!

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    @jowitt.europe You can always check the aurora forecast to see if that is a useful prediction tool there. If you the thread on the forum with the links, there might be one that will help.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning oh yes! We do check. This is not the best year, but, nevertheless we do hope to see one. We stay in the middle of nowhere. No light pollution. But, even if we do not see any, it is as @judsoncarroll4 says - a gorgeous country. And it is really warmer than in Austria. I did not expect that. But the wind, especially during nights. It seems that the whole house will fly away.

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    My husband and I took a trip to Germany about 5 years ago. On our way back to the States, we took the Chunnel to England then flew to Iceland on our way home. We stayed 3 days there. Loved it. But it was very blustery while we were there, so we never saw the northern lights. We did rent a car and drove around a bit. One day we went to the Blue Lagoon. So nice. My husband wasn't feeling well and didn't go in, but I spent quite a while in the lagoon.

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    @marjstratton this is what we plan to do today. Go to the thermal spring waters, but not the touristic blue lagoon, but the “Island secret lagoon” - the oldest thermal water lagoons.

    The blue lagoon (so I have read) uses water from the nearby thermal power station. I assume it is perfectly clean, but the place itself is too much advertised and too touristic. I want waters and environment to be as natural as possible. The secret lagoon is relatively close to geysers region.

    I have noticed at the airport that there are quite a few flights from Reykjavík to the USA

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    I am really surprised that there is no snow in the pics of the horses. Is it very dry there?

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    That is so beautiful! If I recall correctly Iceland was named that way to keep people away from it, whereas Greenland was named to make people want to move there (a dirty trick lol).

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    Beautiful! I was expecting to see snow in your pictures as well.

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    @jowitt.europe Funny enough we were just looking at potential holiday destinations, with a Northern Lights theme. Iceland and the Scandinavian countries are on the list. Enjoy your holiday.

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    @jowitt.europe The pictures are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing. 😍

    And like so many others have already said, I'm surprised by the lack of snow.

    @Cornelius LOL!! Dirty trick indeed. 😄

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    @JodieDownUnder a very good travel destination. It offers so much. We are in for nature and it is so different and wonderful. Concerning Nordic lights, one has to spend more time than we do and, maybe, choose a year with a much higher possibility than this year. This was 2 in the scale of 10. I have already put Year 2025 in my calendar. Also the moon in important. No moon is the best. And when it is not cloudy. Not easy. The weather changes every 5 minutes here. We did not seen any, but I know people who did see last week. It is, most probably, also a matter of luck. There are maps where one can drive. We were too lazy to drive in the night.

    @torey it is very wet. It is raining a lot. Now we have a very different picture. It snowed for a few days, but, according to the weather forecast, it will start melting as more rain is comming. @JennyT Upstate South Carolina The warmth is because of the golf stream in the south.

    @kbmbillups1 @Cornelius it can also be very white. I attach a picture of a white Iceland for a change. @Cornelius I like the joke. By the way, Greenland is only 2 hours flight away 😊.

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    That is beautiful too. We're all learning a lot from your trip! Thanks for posting the pictures.

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    @jowitt.europe, yes, the blue lagoon was very touristy. If we get a chance to go back, I would love to get to some of the less developed hot springs. The more undeveloped hot spring are what we usually like to go to at home.

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    @marjstratton The secret lagoon - the oldest spa in the country from 1891 is worth visiting. It is so natural as if one swims in a warm natural lake.

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    Wow those horses are so cute! Enjoy your trip!

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    Thanks for the tip. Sounds delightful.