Susun Weed's Sweet Cider (instead of Fire Cider)

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Susun just posted a recipe for a hot beverage to use instead of Fire Cider, which may be too stimulating for some people.

This looks pretty yummy for a medicine.



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    I read this this morning and thought we might have to try it.

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    This sounds delicious!😋

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    It does sound delicious, might have to give it try ourselves.

  • MaryRowe
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    Definitely yes! I tried a couple different fire cider recipes but found them too strong for me. This has real possibilities. In fact, I have a sack of apples that need attention--was thinking about making applesauce today or tomorrow, but now it looks like I will be juicing them instead!

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    Looks really tasty. Will definitely give it a try.

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    I agree that does sound good. If I can find some organic apple cider I'm going to try it too.

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    I agree that it sounds good, kind of like spiced apple cider. Yum

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    So what type of sweet vinegar is susan weed talking about?

  • Torey
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    @kfoto Sweet cider is just another term for freshly pressed apple juice. But the recipe says fermented cider can be used, too. Fermented cider is hard cider (alcoholic).

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    @ torey Oh Thank You for this! I think this will work better for my family! Appreciate the link!

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    This looks delicious! Thank you for sharing!

  • nicksamanda11
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    I'm not sure I'm buying it hook line and sinker that fire cider will leave me weak and susceptible to viruses. That is a bit of a stretch. Why not just suggest a different cider as an option instead of slamming the tried and true? Weirdo

  • Torey
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    @nicksamanda11 I think she is talking about taking fire cider when we are in a weakened condition. I know she has promoted fire cider several times so she's not opposed to it. It does work best to keep healthy people healthy and ward off the viruses.

    This is a nice alternative for those who aren't quite brave enough to take fire cider on a regular basis. A lot of herbal medicine is about finding a way to increase patient compliance. No point in recommending something that they aren't going to take. Or possibly can't take. There are people who's stomachs are aggravated by ACV and some of the ingredients in fire cider.

    Susun's teachings are not for everyone. I had the opportunity to take an in person class with her and there were many people in the class who disagreed with her ideas on some fronts. For example, she is very much against a raw food diet, has no use for flower essences and thinks essential oils are terrible. But she has also helped many with her books on women's issues. She has a lot of experience in that area.

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    @torey Is there any way a person could adjust their being a little cold from a little hot? or vice versa based on their temp type?... regarding the best herbal treatments? I keep seeing this come up regarding herbal treatments and never remember to ask...

  • Torey
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    @silvertipgrizz If you could send me a PM with a bit more info. I'm not quite sure what you are getting at here.

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    @torey I didn't know how to explain it so I went back and looked...It is regarding the constitution of a if they are hot or cold..

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    @silvertipgrizz I thought that might be what you meant.

    In TCM there is more to it than just hot or cold. There is damp and dry to consider as well. So you might have a hot, dry constitution or a hot, damp constitution. There are 9 different states in TCM including neutral. I did a bit of searching to find a site that had a better explanation than I could give. Even though I have studied some TCM, its not my best subject.

    So this site has charts that are pretty easy to follow. Shows which organs are more affected by the different constitutions and how to correct those imbalances with food, lifestyle and acupuncture points.

    Rosalee de la Foret goes into the flavours of food and how they affect the different constitutions in her Taste of Herbs course. This is a link to her Taste "wheel" and mini questionnaires on how to determine your type.

  • silvertipgrizz
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    @torey Thank you very much for this info.

    do you know of any classes that are in parts? Hoping to find a real good instructor so that I could take it in parts over time and therefore be able to afford the entire trek to becoming an herbalist. I think you have answered this question before for me or someone else?? But could you list a couple of instructors you recommend?

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    @silvertipgrizz you can study Ayurvedic body types or as they call it Doshas. Also connected to TMC. There are some amazing Ayurvedic herbal and cookbooks out there also.

    @torey has given some great links.

  • Torey
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    @silvertipgrizz There are many great courses and teachers out there, with a wide range of prices over different paths in herbalism (Practical Herbalist, Community Herbalist, Family Herbalist, Master Herbalist and Clinical Herbalist).

    Doc Jones has a great program for acquiring knowledge and skills and TGN's courses are very good introductions. But neither will give you certification if that is what you are after. Not saying that certification is necessary to be a good herbalist. The American Herbalist Guild offers membership as a Registered Herbalist but all that means is they will certify that you have reached a certain level of standards with regards to hours of study, clinical practicums, etc. I don't believe that there is any legal standing for herbalists in the US. A bit different in Canada. There is a benefit in having more than one teacher. I have had many.

    This is a link to the Chestnut School's info page on the legal status of herbalists in the US. At the bottom of the page are schools that offer degrees in herbal medicine (or phytotherapy as it might be called).

    I'm not as familiar with the programs in the US, although I have done a couple of the courses at the Herbal Academy. They often have sales and you can start with single courses to see if it is the right school for you. Then they have 4 levels of programs that you can take.

    KP Khalsa courses are very good. He is an excellent teacher but it is structured a bit more towards Ayurveda. Click on Classes to see what is currently being offered. I don't know if he has individual courses or if you have to shell out all at once. (although most schools have payment programs)

    I mentioned Rosalee above. She has a variety of courses and programs that are all very good. Her Herbal Jumpstart course is free.

    I highly recommend Wild Rose College.

    Right now they have a free mini-course. Top 10 Herbs for 2022. Its very short but worth doing. Once you are signed up to Wild Rose, they will send you e-mails with links to other free (or very cheap) mini-courses and to sales on their main programs. Click on Programs and Courses in the main tab, then on Free Courses which will take you to a page with 1 free program (The Wild Rose Guided De-tox) and below that it lists all the single courses. Many of these are part of the Practical Herbalist Program so if you take them individually, then they will count towards the Practical Herbalist and it will be less expensive to complete the remainder of the program. There are 6 courses listed as singles which are part of the 11 required for Practical Herbalist. Check out the requirements for Practical Herbalist under Programs. Then check out the 9 additional requirements for Master Herbalist. Another benefit with Wild Rose is that it is Canadian and our dollar is about .20 cents lower than yours right now, so a good savings.

    Hope there is something in this list that can offer what you are looking for.

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    kfoto Posts: 108 ✭✭✭ Amazing webinars and individual topics courses available!!