Wilting Broccoli Plants

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I've grown broccoli every winter for 4 or 5 years with no problems. Yesterday I noticed all of my plants in one bed and a couple cauliflower plants in another were wilting. So, I thought oh no I forgot to water them since it hasn't rained in a while. I gave them water and organic fertilizer. While doing that I realized the dirt wasn't so dry that they would be wilting.

I looked up what could cause it and found a number of things for flies laying eggs to nematodes etc... Today I noticed a 2 of my broccoli plants looking a little better but the rest just look pitiful. So, today I sprinkled some fine corn meal and ginger around them and gave it a little water to get in the ground. Everyone said those help with things in the dirt but that once they wilt there's not much hope. I also dug a small hole on both side of my bed near the broccoli and put a small amount of compost in and covered it up. I did that in one of my beds last summer and it drew all of the roly poly looking bugs to it instead of my plants. Figured may as well give it a try. I also said a prayer for my broccoli plants and whatever is attacking them. Hopefully, they will come back.

Has anyone ever had this happen? What did you do? Were you able to bring them back or did you just pull them out and plant something else?


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    I have never had that happen. But with sickly plants I usuall;y try to help them and if it does not work I pull them.

    Could you pull one poor plant and take a photo of it? Root also? To show us.

    How far in to you growing season are you? You could pull them and try later in the season. Try planting some in a pot.

    My only concern over pl;ants that are doing poorly is will they bring in insects to the area that might hurt oter plants

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    @Monek Marie They've been growing since September and I've gotten broccoli from them.

    It's really strange. I have cabbage growing in the same bed and they look beautiful. The day after I made the original post I noticed a couple plants looking better. I decided to make the milk water and give that to that bed and the area where the cauliflower is in the other one.

    It started raining last night and now all but 2 broccoli plants look good - no more wilting except a couple bottom leaves. I've removed most of them.

    I'm not sure if it was one or a combination of the things I tried. Or maybe the rain getting everything down in the dirt.