Herbs for Diarrhea


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    I'm glad you do a written version of your podcasts. As much as I enjoy listening to your voice and accent, I don't always have the time. I read much faster.

    But I did listen to the first part of your podcast on herbs for diarrhea.

    Awesome that you mention how important Latin can be when you are identifying some plants. You have pointed out how some plants have the same common names so you need to refer to the Latin in those cases. But there are also the times when you might have two species within the same genus and you need to differentiate between them. Echinaceae and Eupatorium are two that come to mind. There are three species of Echinaceae used in medicine and while they are used interchangeably, E. angustifolia might be better suited to use as an anti-infective agent (or for insect/snake bites) and E. purpurea might be better for respiratory issues. Eupatorium purpureum is for getting rid of stones, hence its common name, Gravel Root. Eupatorium perfoliatum, or Boneset, is a lung herb and used for respiratory conditions that are accompanied by bone, joint and muscle pain.

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    That is very true - I should make that point in my next episode.

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    So I have heard that diarrhea can be stopped with blackberry root. I have not listened to the podcast.

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    @tinarock Yes, blackberry root is quite effective. So are the leaves from most Rubus plants. Plants from the Rosaceae family are sometimes referred to as YARFA (Yet Another Rose Family Astringent).