Fish a la Creole - old family recipe

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I'm leaning toward cooking fish a la Creole tonight. I have some frozen fish left and it is almost time for almost daily trout fishing in the mountains... way too cold now, but spring isn't that far away... Anyway, you can cook almost any meat or seafood a la Creole, but where we come from, it is usually fowl, chicken or shrimp. I can't give any real measurements - it all depends on what you have and how many you are serving. The flavors are the key. 

Get your pot medium hot. Add some olive (or other) oil and toss in at least a cup of finely chopped or sliced onions (whichever you like), an equal amount of chopped celery, peppers (bell, poblano, banana, etc), crushed and chopped garlic and sweat down until soft and getting some color. Add either fresh crushed or canned tomatoes and a good amount of chopped parsley. Add a cup or so of white wine. Salt, pepper and either cayenne or hot sauce, and Worcestershire to taste. Other herbs are optional - some like a little bay leaf, marjoram or clove. (etc). You can also use a Creole Seasoning mix like Tony Chachere's, but either go with the low or no salt, or use it in place of salt. Depending on the wine you use, some lemon juice can be a very good addition. Mushrooms can be really nice, too... even some spinach. Some folks like to toss in some olives or capers, but most don't. Anyway, after the vegies are cooked, add the fish cut into bite sized pieces and just cook through. 

Serve over buttered rice.