Online triage sites: poisonings, etc.

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I think this could be useful. Please add any other sites or resources that you think are useful to assess a potential emergency situation.

What brought me to this point was making a banana-cherry smoothie and then finding the seed coat of a few missed pits (possibly two or three) at the bottom. 😳🤦‍♀️ I didn't go piecing those pieces together to determine the number.

After doing a search of what to expect or to see if I needed to do anything, I found out that others have also asked the same question.

To fill everyone looks like that amount shouldn't be an issue for an adult, but it's always a good idea to double check for & remove any hidden pits...and I'll be paying attention for any symptoms anyway as is wise to do.


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    Good info if you ever need it!

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    I did a test on the system. What a great tool!

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    Interesting and very useful site. Bookmarked it for the future.

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    They also have an app. I hadn't known that they had one.

    They checked up on me one day post concern and an additional follow-up on day two.

    They also give a survey (if you want to fill it out), where you can give further suggestions to help improve their service.

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    I had 2 little boys get up into the high shelf one day and get down adult vitamins and eat them. This happened years ago back in the 70's before the web and called the poison control line in the state of Oregon. They told me what to do and I had the stuff on hand. it worked and none of the kids ever did that again.

    I had just taught a class on what to do and the best advice was to call the poison line on the phone and get the latest information.