Old World Sourdough Starter: An amazing, old world treat

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I recently purchased this. Haven't had a chance to start the starter..lol

Lots of interesting and some very helpful comments.

Not cheap but pretty solid reviews.


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    I love sourdough and it is very popular here in Alaska. I have a starter that has been around since 1876 according to the lady who gave me some. Of course there is no way to verify that.

    Just be aware that it will change over time to the yeasts in your area and based on the flours you use with it. I know folks who purchased starter from San Francisco because they loved the breads they had while they were there. They were disappointed that it quickly did not taste the same to them as it did when they were there. Just as a plant can adapt over time and generations to it's surroundings and climate so can the sourdough starter you use.

    Either way, I bet this will be a good one. Once you get it going and start baking you will have to share what you think of it.

    By the way if you end up with excess in the beginning during all the feeding and such, it makes great pancakes.

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    @vickeym I have a few OLD pkts of the Far North, ie AK strains....too old now to use, was too busy while I was living in AK...I'm still going to see if I can get them started, some day.

    Yep on the changing critters...just wondering...could they stay the same as original if the windows kept closed on the days working with it?

    Yes I will certainly share. As I speak these words I remember a few promises I made re sharing: a current recipe I have for sourdough...spectacular btw, and so easy to make. will pix that recipe and send it in a new discussion as soon as I pix it, send it to email, copy and paste lol.

    The other promise will shortly follow..

    Feel free to send me any pix of AK. If you do, I will send you some of my AK pix...