Growing Fenugreek

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I was looking at herbs for a client today and fenugreek popped up for several symptoms. I don't often use this but apparently it is something I should look at more often. It has many benefits.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. I want to grow some, now that I have discovered it has a growing season that will fit with mine. It can be used as sprouts, greens (at two weeks) or allowed to mature for the seeds. I'd like to try them as a green but want to mature most of them for seed.

From what I have read in the seed catalogues, fenugreek is best planted out as seed, not started as they don't like to be transplanted (or use peat pots). Like other legumes, it is best soaked overnight. But it needs a warm soil which is a challenge for me sometimes. I have seen two different opinions on the pH. One says a slightly alkaline soil and the other said a slightly acidic soil. Any thoughts on that? Mine is very alkaline but other legumes do well in it.

And I have discovered that, as a legume, fenugreek is a good companion plant for nitrogen loving plants or as a ground cover to restore nitrogen.

What I am looking for is any other growing tips. Has anyone grown fenugreek?


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