Rabbits in the garden

This article seems like a pretty good round-up of ideas for dealing with rabbits in the garden (though it skips the obvious--rabbit stew,,,,) I've tried a few of the deterrents listed, and they seem to work for a while till the rabbits get used to them....Anyone have any other good ones?


  • annbeck62
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    I had a very frustrating rabbit problem last year. I wasn't able to find a permanent solution. We get heavy rains during the summer so that washed away a lot of things I tried. Hopefully this year will be different....

  • Michelle D
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    We frequently have rabbits in our yard but they typically don't bother the garden beds. I think that a big part of it is that our lawn isn't all grass. We have a section of the yard opposite the garden that we intentionally let the clover and the dandelions take over. With daily human presence in the garden the rabbits much prefer to eat at the other end. I have been blessed for it to work well so far hope that this will continue.

  • Monek Marie
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    I like @Michelle D 's idea plus I have heard if you have rabbit issues plant some lettuce and a few other sacrifice veggies as far away fro the garden as possible.

    I used to walk my dog around the garden a lot, particularly at night and that seemed to help. I finally went to growing in raised beds. In my climate it makes more sense anyways. (I can throw plastic over raised beds easier for early and late crop protection)

    @annbeck62 Good luck with ther rabbit issue. I had them bad one year and for a few years I had ground hog issues. Its so irritating to see your crops ruined by 4 legged predators.

  • Cornelius
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    The cayenne pepper powder works well for any mammal pest. I have fought deer and my arch nemesis... squirrels. You do have to reapply after rain though.