Armadillo problems

Last spring I found a dead armadillo in my woods, and so very much hoped he was a loner, since they are still rare in this part of Missouri.... No such luck.

Last week, when the snow pack had melted down to a few inches of slush and was thawing one day, freezing the next, then thawing again, I noticed some strange tracks in it I couldn't identify. The weather warmed up, the snow melted a couple days ago. Today the critter that made those tracks was back--an armadillo!--and digging up my day lily patch, apparently eating the tubers! (I saw his tracks in the mud after I chased him off--same critter.) Looking around some more, I see he's been busy digging holes about 3" across and 3" or 4" deep all over the place.

First, I didn't know the vile little beasties could tolerate cold and snow. I wonder if they are adapting to colder climates now? (Watch out northerners, they may be headed your way before you know it!) But more importantly, I've got to do something about this critter before planting season, or there won't be much point planting....Any practical suggestions would be so welcome.....