Herbs for good mood and inner harmony. Rosemary

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Rosemary. Another herb for good mood, inner harmony, active calmness. Rosemary is a great spice, but also an extremely beneficial herb for health.

Rosemary is a great herb for winter and early spring months when there is a lack of energy, lack of good mood when melancholy takes over... and in difficult, worrying times like these... 

Rosemary lifts one’s spirit and soothe the headache, gives you energy. 

One can drink a cup of rosemary tea (a teaspoon per cup), or one can pour that tea into the morning bath. It is good for the heart and blood vessels, good for both gastrointestinal tract and bile secretion, good for calming the nerves. Also suitable for inhalation against respiratory problems.

Rosemary is a multitalented herb. I still remember in Brussels at the Ayurvedic hairdressers’, he would rub my hair with rosemary oil instead of washing it before cutting. It was such a pleasant feeling. It stimulates blood circulation and good mood.

It is possible to make rosemary oil oneself. Rosemary and  olive oil match well. They are both from the same land, both are intense but they do not fight. Put a few twigs of rosemary in olive oil and close it tight or fill a jar up to one third with rosemary leaves and pour over olive oil. All leaves / twigs must be covered with oil. Keep in a darker place, not in the sun for more than two weeks, shake daily. I use this oil in the kitchen or rub into my hair or skin.

One can also make rosemary&lavender oil. Originally they are from the same region. Their scents match very well.