Weighing kids

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Good day y'all,

We had 5 beautiful kids born this year on our farm. We are bottle feeding two of them as their mom wants nothing to do with them. Long story short...around 10:30pm on a saturday night. I just had a feeling to check the barn before slumber. I am sure glad I did! Two kids born and the doe didn't accept them. Brought the kids in the house to dry off. Many hours of getting them settled and milk from their mom. They are healthy and oh so sweet!

We have been bottle feeding the kids, mostly mom's milk. As we get closer to weaning time. I'd like to start weighing the goats to ensure they are growing with the hay and less milk.

Do you weigh your kids? If so do you use regular bathroom scale? or a hanging sling scale?

Yes we are teaching the kids ballet :) lol


  • Torey
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    I think one of the easiest ways to weigh squirming critters is to weigh yourself and then pick up the one to be weighed. Subtract your weight from the total.

    However, if they are getting to the weaning stage, that might be a bit cumbersome. So I'd try a sling for older critters.

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    I love that picture!! So cute! We use the same method @torey describes. Nigerians are so small it isn’t a problem. Are they doing all right? Any clue why mama rejected them?

  • Hassena
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    Kids are doing great. They now live in the barnyard with the herd. We had them inside to make bottle feeding easier for us. They made the shift smoothly to the barn.

    Thier mom was the last to give birth. Not sure why she didnt want to be a mom. It was her first time giving birth, maybe since she had two the buck or lgd we're in her way.

    The kids are happy healthy. We are thankful. 💗

    This ever happened to you?

    I hear it's unfortunately common.

  • Hassena
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    Thanks for your feedback on weighing. We will probably use a scale this year. Maybe next year invest in the sling.

    We love dressing up the kids haha

    Thank you