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Hey y'all, do you castrate?

I've read some negative things about banding and some good things about burdizzo. It clamps the cords and supposed to be humane.

We are giving it ago this year?

What do y'all do about this situation?



  • Torey
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    @Hassena I have two experiences. When we had goat kids many years ago, we used banding on them. It worked very well for us. No problems at all.

    The other was relayed to me by a neighbour who was watching another neighbour use the clamping technique on calves. He said it was very difficult. Took a long time to get the clamp in the proper location and sometimes they could't get to the cord(s). Quite stressful for the calves who we being pinned down while all this was happening. Its probably much easier for someone who has experience. Not something that I would personally attempt.

  • JodieDownUnder
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    @Hassena I’ve never used a burdizzo. I have the impression it’s handy for older uncastrated males. When I bred my goats, I always used rings(banding) & nearly always did it when the goats were newborn up to a couple days old. As long as the testicles had descended into the scrotum, 1 ring, only takes seconds & basically they didn’t know about it, never stressed & returned to mum, happy chaps!

  • Hassena
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    Thanks for your feedback. Just for reference here's the article https://thriftyhomesteader.com/castrating-goats-and-sheep-with-a-burdizzo/

    @JodieDownUnder I didn't know they could be castrated so young. I heard it was best to wait until they were 7-8 weeks old for urinary tract development. Any challenges later with stones and bucks?

    @torey I've read that missing the cord is possible. At least goat kids are smaller and can sit on a lap while performing this method.

    I have a goat friend that does banding when the kids are 7-8weeks old. That's an option.

    We have ordered this tool. Keep yah posted. 🤞 Hope it goes well.

    Thank you mucho

  • JodieDownUnder
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    @Hassena all I can say is this, I used to castrate all my “boys” (kids & calves) the traditional way, with a knife at approximately 2- 3 months. When I really thought about it, it was stressful to them & they always had about a week, where they would mooch around with mum & not feel so great. When I switched to rings & did them within a day or to of being born, as long as the testicles had descended into the scrotum, I had no problems at all & no stress on me or the animals. I never came across any urinary/stones issues. Hope the burdizzo works well for you.