Show 73: The Spring Show


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    I still can’t get over the similarity of plants in your habitat and mine.

    About an hour’s drive from me to the east is a biogeoclimatic zone that is called Interior Cedar Hemlock officially and commonly referred to as the Interior Temperate Rainforest. Devil’s club is common, which many people not from this area are surprised about because it is considered a coastal plant.

    A couple of hours to the west we have Claytonia (which were an important food plant for the local First Nations) in such abundance, to the extent that a mountain has been named Potato Mountain.

    Trillium doesn’t grow as far north but there are 2 species in BC. Western Trillium (T. ovatum)is fairly common in the extreme south of BC, mostly in coastal regions and the Kootenay region in the mountain valleys. It has a white flower. The other species, T. hibbersonii, has a pink flower and is quite rare, mostly found on the west coast of Vancouver Island. 

    I aspire to have the grasp of Latin that you do.

    I'm sorry you were the target of religious prejudice. Not acceptable.

    Enjoy your spring. I still have 2 feet of snow in the yard. Although, we are starting to see pussy willows and the cottonwood buds are getting fat.

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