Ramsons butter, ramsons salt

I made quite a lot - ramsons butter! Allium ursinum is such a seasonal plant that one must act quickly. They do not grow in our Alpine area, but our son with his wife visited us during the weekend and brought a big bowl full of freshly picked ramsons.

i turned part into herbal butter: cut thin and blender with soft butter. All some salt. The ration is about 10:1 (250 gr butter and 25 gr chopped ramsons. I store it in the freezer and use as butter or for sauces.

another part I turned into ramsons salt. Again the ratio is about 10:1 (300 gr salt and 30 gr. ramsons). I chop ramsons a bit and then put into a chopper together with salt. The salt is spread thinly on baking paper and I dry in the oven for about 2 hours at 50C. Store in tightly closed jars.

my husband made ramsons dumplings. We ate those with beef.

ramsons season!!!