Free Online Job Training From Coursera (US Residents) Starts May 1, 2022

Linda Bittle
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Free online job training. This is a pretty big deal from Coursera. I have taken a number of classes from them over the years, and recommend them. Many of the certification courses are still a bargain at their regular price. Details here:

The American Dream Academy is focused on creating meaningful opportunities for you to develop new skills to enter in-demand jobs fields or to prepare to earn a four-year college degree, regardless of your background or goals.

We are looking for learners who:

Are dedicated to continuing your education or advancing your career.

Are committed to spending approximately five to ten hours a week for the six-month program.

Are 18 or older, a resident of the United States, and have a valid, government-issued ID.

Have a high school diploma or equivalent and are English-language proficient.