Evening chuckle

There was a 97 year old man who had never flown before in his life. He won a trip to NY, all expenses paid, including commercial air travel. The pilot heard about his trip and that he was nervous, so he went out to speak with the gentleman. "There is nothing to worry about, we will be there before you know it," he told him. The old man nervously watched a little red maintenance truck out the window. They stopped over on Atlanta, and the pilot went out to check on the old man. He was fine, but still nervous. He looked out his window and saw a little red truck coming to service the plane. They finally landed in NY and the pilot asked him, "We got here pretty fast, didn't we?" as the old man looked out the window and saw a little red truck driving toward the plane. "Yeah," he answered, "But that red truck didn't do too bad either!"

-Justin WIlson (I guarantee!)