Healthy Hobbies

Linda Bittle
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Reading, gardening, and cooking are #s 1,2, and 3!

7 Hobbies That Help You Live Longer (



  • Kuri and Kona
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    I enjoyed reading this list this morning. I imagine that a lot of us on here read, garden, and cook.

    The list mentioned that going with a group of people to concerts is supposed to be healthy. That does sound rather expensive to be doing all the time. I wonder if the key points mentioned (social and mental stimulation), could be achieved by conversation in groups of friends, maybe even singing together?

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @Kuri and Kona Most certainly.

  • marjstratton
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    The only thing I don't have currently is a pet. I do and enjoy the first 6 things on the list.

  • Michelle D
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    I love this list. I do all of these things. I don't read or volunteer as much as I used to before my last 2 kids were born. I'm hoping to invest more time in those activities as they get older and need less from me.

    The idea of cooking making the list is supported by the idea that if you cook at home in general you eat better. I absolutely agree with this but I think there is more to it for me. Cooking helps me relieve stress and it gives me a sense of security.

  • Lisa K
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    The only one I do not do as much is volunteer (I have my hands a bit full taking care of two households) and I do not have a pet, but I do feed the birds at my house and my dad's house.