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I've recently purchased property in Arkansas - actually it's kind of daunting to think about starting from scratch - but am wondering if there are any folks interested in joining hands? I've homesteaded in a foreign land and have a lot of familiarity with how much hard work it is but like Marjorie has said in some of her talks - it's satisfying work and there is much joy in the process. Many hands make light work was always our motto on the homestead : )

Of course there is a whole history behind why I am where I am presently but suffice to say my faith in God is one of the most important aspects of who I am.

In a nut shell - I'd like to get connected with interested folks either in Arkansas or feeling led to move there. Any suggestions?


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    I may be interested.

    Join in the group and get to know people. As you get to know them and they you doors may open.

    Tell us a bit about your land and what interests you.

    And a new adventure, how exciting for you.

    Welcome to the group. Denise

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    Welcome to the forum

    I'm in central BC in Canada so a completely different climate and a bit too far away for me to come and help. But you are in the right place to possibly find someone in your area with similar goals. You have already had a possibility in your first reply.

    You might find like-minded people at local farmers markets in the area you are moving to or at community fairs.

    As this is a new area for you, check out your local extension offices. They will have info on weather, frost dates, soil fertility, invasive species, etc. They also might have links to other organizations in your area that can offer helpful advice or connect you with other homesteaders in the area.

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    I agree with @Monek Marie, tell us more. I am curious about your previous experience. Of course, I am also far from you.

    Maybe do a search on here for "Arkansas" and see who might pop up?

    I would also like to invite you to explore the TGN courses that are available and dive into our many conversations. This is how networking and knowledge building happens.


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    I just finished the course on raising meat rabbits! I certainly think I can this : ) Now on to learning something else : )

    So I've actually been in North India for the previous 20+ years. After starting a children's home we eventually moved out to a jungle area and began a homestead. Of course things work very differently there..

    Anyway, I purchased 4.5 acres in the Ozarks but am presently still in Minnesota. I was hoping to be down there by now but am kind of waiting for a 'go ahead' from the Lord. And honestly, I dont know anyone down there though the community where I have purchased the land are a group of likeminded folks. Apparently people are coming from all over the States and settling in this area of the Ozarks.

    The air is clean and I felt much peace when visiting the area. I believe there are a lot of homesteaders there as well.

    The land is wooded and has access to deep well. The community has access to heavy equipment and such which makes it nice for a variety of reasons but especially for cost effectiveness depending on what ones has planned.

    With the way things are looking in our world at this time, it would be great to already be down there and living on the land. In fact, I had hoped to be there before spring so as to get a garden going at the very least...

    The angst is all the unknowns.. It sure would be nicer to be doing this with another likeminded individual or couple.. So this is where I am at the moment...

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