Those adventures in life

Monek Marie
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Everything in life is an adventure, some not so pleasant as other but all are a learning experience.

I have been quiet here lately and its because life has been challenging, a bit painful but also a time of reflection. Many of you know I took care of my mom for years and the last year has been more demanding, tiring but yet a time where we shared a lot.

My mother had a stroke the end of February. I was there so we got her to the emergency ward fast and she did so amazing. In rehab they called her the spitfire and she impressed them all. Her room was full of her art work, which she showed to everyone and talked about. We also had a wall full of family photos and history. Everyone loved moms room as it was full of color and stories.

Unfortunately she had another stoke a few days after she came home and this one was too much after her last one. I also think she was just tired. 92 is a good age and full of experiences. My brother and I knew she she would not make it this time and we did the best to keep her comfortable.

We all one day will have to let go of someone who meant the world to us and it will not be easy. Each path will be different, longer or shorter. Mine I expect to be long and sometimes difficult but I was blessed with a very talented unique mom who helped shape me into the person I am. I knew at 92 my mothers time was limited and I tried to prepare in some ways for this day. I achieved at a few and didn't at a few.

So my life is a new adventure. I have no idea where it will take me But a part of my mom will be with me and her last wish for me was to go out and live.