lesser calamint

Does anyone here use lesser calamint? I have too many plants to really have them all be healthy in the space that I have. I am trying to be creative with growing vertically, growing some in the shade, and using other tips and tricks. But it occurred to me that maybe I should rehome a couple of the plants that I bought at the garden center but never do anything with. They take up resources and a garden spot, but they are not being utilized. One of these is my lesser calamint. It tastes interesting, but I never do anything with it. I found info online for medical and culinary uses for it. I am just wondering, is it valuable enough to keep, or should I rehome it to someone with a little more space (or at least less plants)? Any input would be appreciated!


  • Torey
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    If you are not using it, regardless of what it might be used for, it is just taking up space. Sometimes we have plants because we really like them even if they aren't useful. But if you are considering re-homing it, then I don't think you have any particular attachment to it, so off it goes to make room for something you will either use or really love. :)

  • Kuri and Kona
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    @torey I think you made a very legitimate point! I guess I was afraid that I would be sorry that I got rid of it later. I think I need to sit down and make a list of medicinal properties of what I have growing now, and maybe see from there if I have a lot of overlap. In any case, I guess one 'lucky' person will be getting a calamint...