How to make cocktail peanuts taste good, like they should, and you wish they would!

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My mom's side of the family comes from one of the largest peanut producing counties in the South. I grew up on REALLY good peanuts... raw, straight from the field, boiled, roasted and especially fried. Unfortunately, most folks these days never get to taste really good fried "cocktail" peanuts. The good ones are fresh tasting, oily, crispy/crunchy and salty. Most canned cocktail peanuts no longer have much oil.... good oil doesn't keep as long on the shelf. Peanuts that are not oily don't hold their salt. And yest, they are stale. Here is how to refresh and correct store bought peanuts:

put 1/2 to 1 cup of bland, dry "cocktail peanuts in a microwave proof bowl..... yes, this is one of the few things I will use a microwave for.

Zap on high 15 seconds ONLY

Add just a little oil - like 1/4th teaspoon or less and stir to coat.

Zap another 15 seconds.

Sprinkle on salt... or better yet, Creole seasoning or other spicey salt and stir.

Zap 10 seconds.

Then, and this is key, let cool, tossing a few times. That makes them crunchy and crisp. While hot, they will have a softer, unpleasant texture.

The seasoning is up to you - get creative!