Testing zinc levels

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The best explanation and direction for this is the best I have ever found.



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    Dr. Jocker gives the best, comprehensive explanation of all things health. I enjoy receiving his emails.

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    @shllnzl I agree, I always learn a lot from him.

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    @silvertipgrizz a very useful article. Thank you. When four years in a row our grandchildren were born and we were visiting them frequently we both tent to get ill after we returned from them. We thought it had something to do with the bacteria or virus which our bodies do not know as grandchildren are two generations apart from us. That was the time, when we decided to take Zink before we went to see them. Whether it was Zink or not, but that was the last time we got ill after visiting grandchildren.

    The list of food containing Zink is good. May be many wild plants could be added.

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    Dr Mercola sells a 'zinc/selenium' combo. I always feel better...when I remember to take it lol.

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    @silvertipgrizz thanks for posting--I take zink, but had been wondering if it was still necessary. Now I have an easy way to test!

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