How long will it last?

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Last year I planted onions, carrots and beets in the same bed. They were a bit scattered. The onions need a lot more sun since they didn't do anything. The carrots were delicious but will be planted in sun instead of shade this year.

The beets did well and overwintered well. How long will the beet greens last. Will they do well through this summer too? Also will they over winter 02022-2023?


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    @LaurieLovesLearning I forgot to tag it. I should always eat before not after.

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    @dipat2005 Beets and carrots are biennials. So if they wintered over last year, then this year they will put most of their energy into sending up a seed stalk. The roots will get quite tough and the greens will become tougher and more bitter. After they seed, the plant generally dies.

    If you planted onions from seed, you won't get much for onion bulbs the first year. If your onions have survived the winter you will likely get mature onions this fall. If you buy bulbs (sets) and plant them in the spring, they will become mature onions by the end of the season. The big companies plant seed and then harvest the small bulbs in the fall. That is what you see on sale in the packages of onion bulbs in the garden centres.

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    @dipat2005 No problem. I tagged it for you. 😄

    It is a funny thing, I planted green onions from the store very many years ago now. They overwinter well. I let them flower & everything, and every year, they come back and do the same. I leave them as and interesting addition to my flower bed.

    I have about 3 types of things planted in that with a skinny & pointy bloom similar to salvia (but I don't recall what it is), and another shaped flower, then these globe-shaped green onion flowers. It reminds me of fireworks (the screamer, the other type, and the big beautiful booming one) every year as they overlap their blooms. It is one of my favorite things to see every year.

    I love fireworks!

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    @torey I didn't realize carrots and beet were biannuals just like parsley.🤔😁

    I'm learning something every time I'm on here.😊

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    @torey I didn't mean I overwintered the carrots but thank you for the information. I didn't realize they were biennials. I also didn't know that the greens will eventually get bitter. Thanks for the heads up.

    Thanks@LaurieLovesLearning for the tags. I did plant the onions from seed and have done so from the same company before and they came up as bunching onions should. Before when I planted the seeds (onions) they developed little onions. I have also planted the onions as small starts. This time it was onion seed tape and I think they just needed more sun.

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