slender nettle

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Slender nettle is a lot like Stinging nettle but without the big nettle bite.

I love this plant and found it quite by accident over in my raspberry patch. I had to ID the plant, came close with a wildflower ID book but took it up to my local audubon the get the final ID.

I had learned about stinging nettle from a herbalist friend who also used a spinning wheel and stinging nettle was one of her favorite plants to harvest to weave with. She had never heard of slender nettle so was quite pleased to see the plant and all its uses.

My slender nettle really spread this last year ( I think the chickens replanted some of it.) and I was pleased to see how much I had.

If your not familiar with this plant here is a description. It has all the uses Stinging nettle has. And if Stinging nettle bites you or slender nettle, just apply lemon balm. It helps immediately.


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    I didn't know that about lemon balm! I get a very bad rash from stinging nettle. I used to pick bare-handed and it didn't bother me at all. Then a few years ago, I got a very bad rash, like a chemical burn. Ever since, I have needed to wear gloves. I must have reached my tolerance for it. But I will be sure to try the lemon balm.