Traditional Easter foods

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Traditionally, we have ham & kielke (egg noodles) or potatoes, a veggie, schmaunt fat (cream gravy), and pluma (plum/prune) moos (pronounced like "mouse"), which is a fruit soup of sorts (peaches, cherries, raisins, some like prunes..ick, and sometimes other fruits). The moos is thickened with cornstarch. Sometimes it has a milk base. I prefer just the fruit juice-water base & no prunes/plums.

I like to put small pieces of ham in my bowl of moos & add cream. My husband's family doesn't understand that, but it is a thing my family would have done. It's so good!

We didn't get around to making paska (Easter bread). I'm positive it is a recipe borrowed from the Ukrainian people, except we traditionally bake it in large, greased cans, and they traditionally make a beautiful, braided loaf and serve it with gums pasta spread, which is a sweet, creamed cottage cheese spread. My husband's family likes their pasta toasted with lemon glaze drizzled over the top.

I think I have all the recipes already posted on TGN except for paska. This makes some to eat & some to share.

A fun note, the towns mentioned below the contributors' names honor the towns from which the Mennonites fled in Russia/Ukraine. They often moved as a community in those times and when settled in Canada, chose to keep the names they were familiar with and would anchor them to their former communities that were left behind. My family could be found in Chortitza a few generations back.

Do you have any Easter recipes that have been passed down through generations? I'd love to hear about them!


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    Hot Cross Buns. Both my mum and my granny made them (Granny's were better, sorry Mum). They were full of mixed, dried fruit and spice. Shiny on top with the thick, icing cross. I don't have either recipe, though. I haven't made HCB in a very long time.

    Your Paska recipe looks similar to a sweet egg dough that I have used for buns in the past. The cheese spread sounds yummy. I'm a citrus fan.

    It was usually ham that we had for dinner when I was younger and now it often is as well. I like scalloped potatoes but my husband and one daughter don't so we usually just have mashed.

    Tonight we are having a roast chicken dinner. The chickens we buy are like small turkeys so as usual we will have meals for a few days.

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    You know I LOVE eastern and central European food!

    Tradition here is ham, mustard greens, asparagus, ramps and carrot cake.

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    My family tradition is ham and mashed potatoes.

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    Here is a handwritten recipe for paska. We used the one above this year and it didn't work out for us for whatever reason. It turned out juicy, not kneadable. Maybe it was a mistake on our part. It happens.

    The one below works as intended, even though it really isn't a whole lot different. I cut the sugar content in half. Please excuse the scribbles & mess.