PIne Bark Extract - Pycnogenol

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I'm not usually a fan of proprietary extracts. I prefer to get the whole plant in preparations rather than concentrated parts of one or two components.

However, this has cropped up more and more for me lately in research I have been doing for a variety of conditions including dysmenorrhea, circulatory insufficiency and osteoarthritis. I have a couple of clients who are taking it for relief of acute pain whenever it flares up and they say it is working well. That's in doses of 100mg.

This is a link to the American Botanical Council's monograph for Pycnogenol. Its a long read but much of it is abstracts of studies that have been conducted into its efficacy and safety. So there is quite a bit of research to back up the medicinal uses. Its a well done monograph with dosages for each condition/illness that it is suggested for.