Congee a breakfast that will hopefully sustain me this spring

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Congee is something I've only recently heard about. And I'm hoping it has the staying power to fill me up as I'm working out on the property burning so many calories.

I have a ton of inflammation in my system I'm trying to get rid of. So my preferred breakfast of avocado toast will have to go. I'm not in a position to start making my own sourdough as of yet so I've been using store-bought gluten-free bread. I can tell my body is not happy with the store-bought bread, among some other things I'm going to be cutting out. And unfortunately, it doesn't like oatmeal even if it's gluten-free so that's not an option either.

I thought congee would be easier on my body but still help fill me up. But I know very little about it and would love some recipes or places I can locate some recipes.

If anyone can offer suggestions I'd sure appreciate it.😊


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    Well, I come from rice country on my mom's side down in the coastal Carolina swamps. Rice for breakfast was just a bit less common than grits, but just as welcome. I have tried several congee combos... I actually like them with fish or shrimp for breakfast, with an egg. But in all honesty, nothing beats just good ol' rice with butter. Rice cooked in stock or broth is even better.

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    So you eat rice with just a slab of butter on it @judsoncarroll4? Nothing else?

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    Sure! I LOVE salted, buttered rice just by itself. If I have some seasoned stewed tomatoes to serve with them, that is even better, especially with okra. Or, of course, gravy! But yeah, my grandmother always had rice in some form on the stove. Another almost constant was stewed chicken with rice and "chicken bog". Any time of day, any day of the year, I'd grab a big bowl of hot rice cooked with a chicken carcass, so it was well flavored with broth and cooked down soft, with all the little bits of chicken, onion and celery in it and lots of black pepper. Canned salmon with rice was also about weekly. Nothing beats buttered rice with stewed tomatoes though, on a weak stomach. Rice pudding with milk and raisins was also common.

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    I'm a big rice fan. One of my comfort foods is rice & gravy. I'll gladly eat a bowlful anytime of the day or night. But I'll have it with soya sauce, too, or as Judson says, with just a bit of butter.

    My granny used to make a delicious curried rice. Just plain rice with a bit of curry powder added. She'd serve it with a type of hamburger stew.

    Not so much a fan of brown rice but I will eat it. I was on an alkaline diet recently and I could have brown rice but not white. So I have a bag of it that I will have to eat.

    Love wild rice. Wish I could grow it here. I haven't looked at the growing conditions, though, as in water depth, water movement (current), water temp, etc. So maybe I could.

    If you are looking to reduce the inflammation in your body, @JennyT Upstate South Carolina, this diet might be helpful for you. Eliminates all processed grain products (bread, cake, cookies) but could have raw grains like oats or Red River cereal, all sugar products (including honey & maple syrup), all dairy and a few other things. Lots left that you can eat, though. I certainly wasn't hungry for the 12 days of the program. I think I might actually have gained a pound or two. But inflammation seemed to be better. It is the Wild Rose diet plan (minus the strong herbal preparations that go with it). I can send it to you if you like.

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    I've made a rice pudding/congee of sorts. It's cooked rice, coconut milk, maple syrup, a little vanilla, and salt. But I'm also trying to cut back on my sugar so that's not really an option right now either.☹️

    @judsoncarroll4 & @torey It almost seems like you can pair anything with the rice and it tastes good.

    @torey Thank you. Yes, please send me the inflammation diet/cleanse info. The only inflammation diet I know of is 30 days. And I know I don't have the time to go through it for that long. But about 2 weeks I could most definitely do.😊

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    I love rice but had never heard of Congee. Thank you for enlightening me. I love rice! I have a sweet tooth and a little bit of sugar mixed with the butter is really good. I limit myself to about 1 cup of cooked rice with each batch of rice. Very Yummy!

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    I used to make plain rice with butter. Loved it. Never heard of congee before. Anyway, I'm supposed to be grain free, so I've been trying to figure out other things that are kind of the same texture as oatmeal or rice. I also have fairly bad inflammation which keeps me in fairly constant pain. I think that quinoa is the best so far, at least for taste and flavor. I prepare it just like I used to prepare rice or oats. I soak it overnight in plain water and then cook it in fresh water before the meal for which I am using it.

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    @JennyT Upstate South Carolina I have a gluten intolerance and have found certain foods, oats being one of them (even gluten free) can cause problems for me. There was a study done on gluten cross reactivity, the body can confuse some even gluten free foods for gluten. The study found most people who have cross reactive issues do so with some but not all of the foods. This was eye opening for me. I make sourdough but use a pretty much hands off no knead slow fermentation process. Tastes way better and my body likes it better than store bought :)

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    I also am a big fan of rice, specifically brown rice. Because of how my body produces insulin, I can`t have it for breakfast, however. Since I was a small child, if I have a lot of carbs in the morning, I feel very sick. If I move very much at all after eating carbs in the morning, I am going to repeatedly feel like I will pass out. Doctors always say that I am neither diabetic or hypoglycemic. I just seem to produce way too much insulin after eating even whole grains. So I eat a light breakfast of protein and green vegetables. If I have carbs in the afternoon, I will become so incredibly fatigued and out of it that I can`t function at all. Usually I have 100 grams of a whole grain with lunch, and then more in the early evening. I am okay with that. By only having carby things (whole grains or beans) later in the day, my energy and general health has gotten much better.

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    I will add to this chart with info I learned recently. Raw tomatoes are OK but cooked tomatoes are acid forming in the body so they are pro-inflammatory.

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    That explains why the few tomatoes I had on my salad at lunch didn't bother me like tomato sauce and sometimes salsa in a jar may.

    Good to know, thanks @torey.😊