Growing in cardboard boxes

Kuri and Kona
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@jowitt.europe asked me to write about my experiences gardening in cardboard boxes, so here goes....😁

So, I have only been gardening since 2020. I don`t want to use plastic containers, but anything else is extremely expensive in Japan. I have to admit that I did buy some plastic pots to start with, but I am transitioning out of those.

The ground here is a heavy clay soil. We also have a long rainy season where there is a standing water for multiple days in a row.

Having said that, I hope to gradually amend my soil so that I can plant in it. In the mean time, the garden is full of cardboard boxes. Some cardboard boxes are sturdier than others, and of course, you want a deep box for plants that need room to burrow down the roots. (I guess that is most plants).

Despite the rain, the boxes last about a year. They can be composted after they fall to pieces. I water in the boxes and the rain dumps all over them, but they do fine in the short term.

One of my long term goals is to amend the garden, and then just pull up the box when it is in bits, so the plant can just grow down where it is planted into the ground (post rainy season) I am not sure if that is going to work or not.

But, yes, if you need a planter for about a year and are not in a position to make or buy a lot of planters, cardboard boxes will work.