How NOT to Cleanse - Free Webinar with Doc Jones - April 29/22

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Doc Jones is doing a webinar tonight on cleansing. Its spring so an appropriate topic.

I recently did the Wild Rose diet plan but I didn't use the herbal products that go with it cause I think they are pretty strong. I have had conversations with other practitioners about this. They all tend to agree, including my ND. But if you have an issue with your bowels then this program of herbs might be appropriate for you. I made a vinegar with dandelion, burdock and yellow dock to help support my liver (but only took it a few times) and I take bitters regularly so that was the supplements that I used instead.

The diet is an alkaline one. So no inflammatory, acid forming foods. No dairy, no processed grain products (bread, cakes, pasta, cereals, etc.) but you could have whole grains (oats, Red River cereal, barley, etc.), no sugar of any kind (honey, maple syrup, molasses) but stevia was allowed. It was pretty easy to stick to as I don't eat much of those foods anyhow (except for chocolate). I didn't lose any weight.

One of the reasons for the diet was to get off my chocolate addiction. That was a success. Did it reduce inflammation? I think so. It may have needed longer than the twelve days of the program to really see an improvement. But I think my body felt a bit looser if that makes any sense.

So I am curious about Doc Jones' take on this. From the title of the webinar, I think he has a similar opinion to mine about using some of the harsher herbs to "purge" the body.



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    @torey Do I have to be a member of his site to get the discount?

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    @kbmbillups1 I'm not sure but I don't think so. I think you just have to have signed up for the webinar to get the discount.

    I'm glad Doc Jones has a similar position to mine; that purgatives are not necessary to aid the body in detoxification and herbs are to support the body and all its organs/systems to become healthier in the process.

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    Thanks! I was able to sign up without even an account.

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    I hope there is a replay. I love Doc Jone's videos!