Found a free botantical skincare course due to start in a couple more days.

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I won't be following along in making mine at teh same time... not enough time to order ingredients and would be pretty expensive to get from the sources they recommend. Will have to do some research before I order most of the ingredients , some are quite spendy as if the equpment they suggest. But hopefull still good and useful information for the future.


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    There are several short videos available once you sign up that answer a lot of questions about the whole course. Includint that there will be no replays, however each will be available it sounds like for the whole time frame and each of the 9 episodes is apparently only about 10 minutes so quick and easy to catch up.

    One episode will also go over things like substitutions for the ingredients and they specify you do not need to buy anything for the class even the equipment which can be subtituted with many normal household items.

    I'm sure if you watch the ingredients video it will probably have some substitutes there as well.