Galangal, Ginger's sibling

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    I just saw this article the other day myself. I haven`t tried galangal, but I am growing myoga, which is also in the ginger family.

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    I've only once seen galangal in a grocery store. And that was in a larger city several hours away. Not something I am going to have access to for experimenting. Considering the growing conditions, its certainly not going to grow for me, not even as a house plant.

    Always good to learn about other species, though.

    The article doesn't mention any of the medicinal uses so I thought I'd add a bit here.

    Galangal is a stimulant and carminative; good for gas, upset stomach and, like ginger, is good for nausea. It also has expectorant, antispasmodic and antibacterial properties. Galangal is high in antioxidants. It may help to lower cholesterol and may promote male fertility. In TCM, galangal is in combinations used to relieve Qi stagnation. 7Song lists it as an ingredient in a warming and stimulating bitters.