"Bonus" mystery plants in my seed trays

I've also got these in some houseplants!

I don't recall putting tomato seeds in my indoor worm compost (maybe it got caught up in scraps), but I've now got one with a banana tree & had one with my lemon tree, one sharing a plug with a smaller motherwort plant, and what I am suspecting could be chickweed in some other plugs. It isn't oregano! I compared it to my chickweed in the lemon tree pot. It looks & tastes the same.

I also have some plants that appeared to possibly be grasses...but, really Maybe those came from the top soil bag...that's what I think. The tomato & possible chickweed will be something I did at some point, but I don't recall adding either!

I also have some other tiny green mystery something-or-others appearing with my avocado (the seed coats on the end of the leaves look pitted....picture below), larger tomato plant and in some of the pot. I sure wish I knew what they were.

I have a question...if I separate the tomato out, will it harm the motherwort? Does anyone know how sensitive that might be?