Albany, NY - Recommendations of filling new raised beds with soil, where and what to buy

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I'm new to gardening and will be installing 4 raised beds, here in Albany, NY in Zone 5. My native soil, consists mostly of clay under the topsoil. To fill these raised beds, I’d need about 4.5 cubic yards. From what i’ve gathered, raised bed soil is a mixture of garden soil and potting mix. I also like the idea of adding some branches and grass clippings to the bottom to eventually create new organic matter. Do you have recommendation of where or what soil to buy? I doubt you would recommend it, but i also want to stay away from Miracle-Gro organic raised bed soil that lowes or home depot has.


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    Hi @Nick710. Now that we know where you are, it should be easier to help you find soil. I will go back to that discussion and post what I have found.