55 gallon barrels for raised garden bed

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I'm going to craft a raised garden bed using 55 gallon poly barrels (halved), but I'm worried about the plastic toxins seeping into the soil. Does anyone know a good solution to this, maybe some sort of liner to create a barrier? Thanks!

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  • judsoncarroll4
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    If they are food grade plastic, you'll probably be alright so long as they are not exposed to direct sun and the soil isn't super acidic... which it wouldn't be. So, I would partially bury them then us a mulch on the top that goes over the edges to keep them shaded and cool.


  • Merin Porter
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    This is an interesting idea -- @MontePerez how would you set them up? Fully buried, or above-ground with supports on the sides, or something else I haven't thought of? I have some 55 gallon food-grade barrels that I have transported cross-country because I have dreams of filling them with water and taking advantage of our high altitude and serious sunshine to heat the water during the day and create a bit of a microclimate for warm-weather plants as the barrels release their heat at night during the summer. Still on the "One Day" list, but you know how that goes.... :)

  • Monek Marie
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    @MontePerez My friend built his above ground so that they would be waist height. He has used them for at least 5 years and lives in town so the neighborhood did not have any issue with them.

    What I liked about his set up is he attached water hose so he could do a self watering program. He really produces a lot of food this way. And he used food grade barrels

    @Merin Porter I like you idea of making a microclimate