Designing terraced garden beds

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Hey y'all, I'm planning my garden here in Puerto Rico. I have a big hill in my yard. I can't regrade it because of local permissions. I'm thinking to make terraced beds - what size and how would you design it?

In his new South Florida Gardening Survival Guide, David the Good talks about flat ground beds no longer than 25ft and . He also says if you use existing ground and just put in wood frames the beds will dry out too fast. So maybe don't use wood? Would terraces form natural swales or should other considerations be made for water? I get about 80"/year rainfall in my area. Fwiw I don't think our soil here is as sandy as David describes in S FL. My yard is probably on a ~30 degree hill.


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    Hi @bexnews Welcome to TGN! @Marjory Wildcraft lives in Puerto Rico so she may have some valuable insight for you.

    I would watch or look for water run off. If you have a lot of run off and the design might hold back or change the direction of any water which might cause an issue somewhere else.

    Have you lived here long and does your soil soak up water or does it run off?

    Unless you are suing the terrace to help prevent runoff down the hill I personally would use shorter rows than 25 foot.

    And how deep you you plan you terraced beds to be? Denise

    I have put in terraced beds before and you want to get it right the first time.

    Also in my area my terraced beds cannot be higher than 3 foot or I have to get a permit. I'm united States, pennsylvania so you regulations are probably totally different but you may want to ask around on any regulations.