To our mothers

Happy Mothers Day! Being a mother isn't always a bunch of roses as is often proclaimed on this day. It can be wonderful but it can also be very difficult.

We have many mothers represented today and I want to especially recognize the ones that often feel overlooked on this day.

There many be some who are longing to be mothers. You are not alone.

I know some mothers here will have lost babies through miscarriage, still birth or an early death otherwise, and I want you to know you aren't forgotten.

Some women here have lost their mothers, and we remember them.

Some have been separated from their children for whatever reasons.

Some didn't have the mother they always wished for but never had. We recognize your struggle.

There are also those who have been able to have children...some one, and some, many.

I want to send hugs out to each one of you today and encourage each of you to keep going and hold your head up. You are each special in your own unique way.