Cute House on 2 Wooded Acres

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Hi everyone. My sister is selling her well-built, 2-bedroom, 2-bath house with fruit trees and a garden. It's in the middle of nowhere in Eastern Tennessee 45 minutes from the Smoky Mountains.

You can see the pictures here. It has geothermal AC and heat, the underground basement walls are 12" filled block, the upstairs has 2x6 walls filled with open-cell sprayed insulation. The utility bill is below average. The chicken house has an automatic door and there are a couple of animal pens. We're hoping that someone who appreciates quality and nature gets it.


  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    I've been thinking about you lately @Tave! I hope all is well.

    I hope your sister finds the perfect match for the house. It looks so cozy & inviting.

  • JodieDownUnder
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    G'day @Tave what a lovely cottage & garden. Hope your sister has a successful sale. Hope you are well & life is good.

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    Thanks @LaurieLovesLearning and @JodieDownUnder. I'm hanging in there😀 It's good to be back in the loop. Hopefully, things will calm down soon.

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    @Tave Fell in love with your sister's house and all of the extras! I hope to have something like that when we finally build!! I live about 1 hour away and she is in a good location. Hubby sees an eye doctor in Maryville, so we are out that way every 3 months.

  • Tave
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    Hi @water2world Yeah, the mountains are beautiful. It scares some people that it's so far from civilization (only 30 minutes) but I love it.

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    @Tave I agree-- I love the mountains and being able to see the snow on top of them and not always have it in my yard is awesome!! lol I would never have considered it "far from civilization", it is located where you can enjoy both worlds! I'm sure the perfect buyers will be very pleased to have their privacy and be able to shop, etc in just a very short drive!

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    Absolutely stunning!~Tennessee is a good state to live in too. And I love that area.

    Nice to hear from you @Tave

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    It looks wonderful! Hopefully the new owners put the chicken coop to good use! lol

  • Tave
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    Thanks 😁 @Monek Marie

    @Cornelius, I do, too. So much love has been invested in this place. We're hoping it goes to someone who appreciates it.

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    @Tave "It scares some people that it's so far from civilization (only 30 minutes)..."

    Thank you for the good laugh!

    That could be an amusing definition of the difference between urban/suburban and small town/rural people:

    How would you describe a home that is 30 minutes drive from basic necessities (e.g., grocery, doctor, bank, etc.)?

    A) Too far to walk (urban dweller)

    B) Remote and isolated (urban/suburban dweller)

    C) Comfortable, close to services but nice and quiet (small town/exurb dweller)

    D) Too close to other people (rural dweller)

    E) In the thick of civilization, too crowded (Alaska bush/northern Canadian bush dweller)

  • Merin Porter
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    So funny! I'll be honest, I love living 10 minutes from the grocery store but enough acres away from neighbors that I can wear my robe outside in the morning and not have to wave at anyone. So I guess I'm B? 🤣

  • Tave
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    I was watering the plants this morning with the hose because my wonderful overachieving brother-in-law packed the sprinkler heads. Not a bad thing. An inquisitive hummingbird wondered what that strange stream of water was and considered taking a drink before going to a safer flower. The sight of butterflies and bees flitting from flower to flower made the half-hour it took (with my coffee cup in hand) to water everything a beautifully relaxing experience.

    Here are some pictures of the cultivated and wild plants we enjoy. All sorts of medicinal herbs stuffed between flowers, milkweed growing wild, and plenty of chop-and-drop ground cover.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Beautiful Tave!

    @VermontCathy Could I use your question as a poll question? That would be fun!