Do you recommend starting a homestead in Puerto Rico?

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My name is Erin Acevedo. I'm 60 years old and live in Ipswich, Massachusetts. My husband's family is from Puerto Rico. We like to go there on vacation. šŸŒˆ @Marjory Wildcraft Do you recommend starting a homestead in Puerto Rico? I am concerned about all the changes involving agenda 21 & 2030. I'm not vaccinated either. I believe in freedom to chose your own healthcare. I attended the Exit and Build 2 summit, and saw you speak there today. Can I visit your community garden in Puerto Rico and see what it is like? Thank you for answering my questions.šŸ˜€

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    Hi @erinacevedo and @LaurieLovesLearning

    OK, so this response is way way way beyond late :)

    Not sure how it slipped through the cracks but I'm on it now!

    Erin, I have move here to PR as I do believe it will be a good place to ride through the next decade and more. Every location has pros and cons. I'll list you some of mine


    • you have 4 seasons to grow things, although you definitely have to switch things up to accomodate the rainy season.
    • since the infrastructure is so bad almost everyone has some degree of self-reliance already. Solar panels, water tanks, some foods and medicines.
    • it is an island and has more of a community vibe. The pride Puerto Ricans take in their island and culture makes the Texas folks looks like weenies (and Texas has some serious Texasifcation).
    • chocolate grows on trees
    • you won't ever need heating
    • depending on where you live you probably won't need cooling either.
    • men actually like to dance - they are proud to be good salsa dancers
    • you can find pedestrian based communities here where your need for a car is reduced substantially
    • if you are a business owner or private investor there can be some tax advantages
    • Puerto Ricans have been through quite a few big crises and are way more relaxed about it. Their love of having a good time - partying - colors everything. When they ousted the Governor back in 2017 the protests looked much more like gigantic street parties.
    • there is a strong ethic of family here


    • The Gov't is beyond inefficient and corrupt. Actually whether you realize it or not that is true pretty much everywhere but it is openly known here.
    • "Island time" is a real thing and finding responsive contractors, businesses, etc. is hard everywhere and a serious challenge here. This culture is much more word of mouth and getting referrals from friends who know is your best bet.
    • Insects! Without a good freeze there are a lot of insects here. Keeping your kitchen super clean is very important. I'm pleasantly surprised that mosquitoes aren't that bad...
    • the official language is Spanish and while there are lots of areas where English is prevalent signing sales contracts, banking docs, etc. are all mostly in Spanish.
    • Puerto Rico is surprisingly noisy. Going back to that love of partying... You can find very quiet peaceful neighborhoods, but cruising down to the plaza in your jeep with 4' high speakers blaring is perfectly acceptable. There are roosters crowing pretty much everywhere.
    • Infrastructure is really bad... and it shocks me that so many people have gas or diesel generators for backup instead of solar. Many times the water tanks are filled via city water and not rainwater collection. One bright thing is during Fiona the cell phone service remained intact although we didn't have electric or water for about 10 days.
    • PR got a bit heavy handed about the COVID experience. Lots of the population masked up and complied which surprised me.
    • We do get big hurricanes here. A solid concrete house, especially strategically located, can weather almost any storm, but we do get storms.

    I grew up in South Florida and this climate reminds me so much of my childhood. I love it here with all it's craziness. And overall, I chose this place over that lovely little town in Colorado.

    Please reach out to me at [email protected] if you are coming or in country. I would be delighted to meet up for a meal or coffee.