Show 82: How to Become a Master Herbalist - Life Lessons from Old Men and Baseball


  • Torey
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    There are so many paths to becoming a herbalist. But as you have pointed out, it doesn't need to cost the proverbial "arm & leg" to do so. So much free information out there on line. 1000s of excellent books. A world of very experienced, knowledgeable teachers.

    And so many different ways to practice. You may want to be a healer; all you do is see patients and try to improve their condition. You might have a calling to be a teacher. For some more scientifically or alchemically inclined, you may just want to make herbal preparations for sale. There are herbalists who combine their herbal skills with other modalities in a natural health practice.

    And so many different herbal traditions, depending on where in the world that you live or your ethnic background.

    I tend to do a bit of everything.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    I just want to encourage folks to get started - have some confidence and jump in.

  • nicksamanda11
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    The world of herbalism is definitely incredibly fun and satisfying.