Recipe for thick spaghetti sauce

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I have a bunch of San Marzano tomatoes ready to process. This is my first time and I’m looking for a yummy, thick sauce recipe. I’m hoping I’ll have enough to need to can it so if someone has a good recipe with instructions for canning with it, that would be an amazing bonus! Thank you!


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    I don't really use recipes when I cook so I'm not sure how much help I'll be. I make thick tomato sauce and find the longer I simmer the thicker my sauce becomes. A long simmer also really helps to blend the flavors. I usually add in onions, garlic, mushrooms and lots of herbs and spices. But that is totally personal preference. My secret ingredient is usually red wine or balsamic vinegar. It doesn't take much but really adds a nice complexity and can take a sauce from good to great. If I use wine I don't use the really good stuff but definitely something I would drink.

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    @lotsofpink4us welcome to the forum. You’ve chosen a great forum to learn & grow. Lots of like minds at TGN. Over the years, I have learnt to process tomatoes rather plainly. Just cook up with onions & garlic & that is my base. That is what I bottle or can, a base model. That then allows me to turn my jar of “base model” tomato passata into anything I choose. Pasta, pizza base, stews, casseroles & curries etc.

    ”base model recipe” remembering 1kg = 2.2lbs. I try to make this in batches. 2kgs of tomato’s, 1kg brown onions & a double handful garlic cloves. Chop up all ingredients roughly, toss in olive oil, s&p & bake in moderate oven for 1hr. Remove & cool. Then in batches, spoon baked goodies into blender & blitz, the whole lot. Return blended sauce to saucepan & simmer on low for about 30 mins, to let thicken up & reduce. Pour into prepared jars, label & store.

    I’ve found by roasting the veg first, it gives them a nice flavour. If you got really fussy, you could put it through a sieve before canning, to get a smoother product but I prefer simple & rustic.

    Good luck & let us know how you get on. Have a great day.

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    Wow! I’m so appreciative for the quick responses Annbek62 and JodieDownUnder! What a great community! I will definitely report back. Thanks again!

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    @lotsofpink4us I'm with both @annbeck62 & @JodieDownUnder. I freeze my tomatoes plain and when I need them, I just put together the sauce (or whatever else I want to make). If I need it thicker and am in a hurry with not much time to have it simmer, I will use a little cornstarch.

    I like to put in balsamic vinegar (about "that much") and a drop of liquid stevia. More is too much sweet. I am not a fan of the stevia flavor, and I can't taste that aspect.

    Other than that, it's whatever I have on hand that sounds good...onions, garlic, basil, oregano, salt...those are non-negotiables. I add fresh/dried & reconstituted mushrooms too if I've got some. I never add canned mushrooms.

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    Never thought of adding balsamic vinegar. Will have to try that the next time I make sauce. I do add a small touch of sweetener to help with the acid. We both get terrible heartburn or reflux.