Dandelion tires

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I wonder how this will turn out? Farmers already grow the altered & stinky weed known as canola, but I know of few who praise the dandelion.

I've often joked with my husband about planting dandelions as a crop. It is easy to grow because it geows like a weed, 😁 and is moisture & drought hardy. I'm sure the grain & cattle farmers would not be pleased & think we were crazy.

In BC, the seeds that blow so freely here are sold in seed catalogues. The greens can be eaten. The roots are healthy as well and medicinal. Now, you might be able to market it at some point for rubber. Bonus on top of bonus.


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    There are quite a few peiople that grow a patch of dandelion in their gardens around here.

    My entire front yard is full of dandelion. I love the look and all its uses.

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    @Monek Marie One of our kids was just celebrating the amount of dandelions blooming today along the lane & in the pasture. πŸ˜„

    We would like to make dandelion ice cream. I just now wondered what it might look & taste like to have a ribbon of violet syrup in it or on top of the ice cream. Bright yellow with purple. It would be like my school colors that everyone hated so much. πŸ˜‚

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    We have tons and tons of dandelions! I pull them by handfuls and feed them to the chickens for a quick green snack. They absolutely love it and since they grow like weeds (like previously stated) it takes no work on my part. Win-win!

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    Here dandelion greens are sold both in the grocery store and at the farmers market. More people seem to be catching on as to how healthy it is.

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    Our dandelions are just starting to pouff. But I was in a bit higher elevation than us this morning and the whole valley floor was yellow with them. Beautiful sight.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning Oh I love your idea of dandelion ice cream with violet syrup on top---Sounds like a winner!

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    I have italian dandelion, a perennial, it has blue flowers in summer. my neighbor gave me seeds from his pink dandelion last week, so they are sowed, and waiting to see a plant. I have seen his. If I find them online, will post. I don't know if they are grown to eat or look at.

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    here is a picture of the pink dandelion. Now to find out which parts are edible.

    NEW Pink Dandelion SEEDS Taraxacum Pseudoroseum | Etsy

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    I harvested a bunch of dandelion seeds from my backyard a couple of weeks ago and I'm going to try to grow them hydroponically. Hopefully, I'll get it set up in the next couple of weeks to give it a try, it'll be a fun experiment.

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    @annbeck62 never saw dandelions being sold in a farmers market. How advanced! Respect!

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    @annbeck62 We can find dandelion greens at our grocery store---however, no small tender leaves, just bigger ones!

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    Found Italian dandelion which according to Johnny's seeds is not a true dandelion.

    and the pink


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    So, if the Italian dandelion is not a true dandelion, there is a real possibility that it will have different properties. I see it has "Chicory" in the name.

    It also makes me wonder as well about the pink. It is interesting to know that it originates in Asia.

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    Italian dandelion is indeed a chicory. A cultivar of Chicorum intybus. So @LaurieLovesLearning is correct that its not exactly the same as dandelion. Similar, as they are related but some differences. Both are diuretic, laxative, cholagogue, choleretic and detoxificants.

    Both have roots that are used in brews similar to coffee. Both are bitters but dandelion is a stronger bitter, so chicory will be milder for salad greens.

    Chicory has slightly fewer vitamins and minerals, particularly folate, iron, calcium, magnesium and Vitamins A & K, than dandelion but is higher in inulin (soluble fibre) content and is higher in carbs.

    From what I understand, most of what is being sold in grocery stores as dandelion is in fact chicory. So that is likely what you are finding @water2world.

    The pink dandelion is not just a colour variation but is a separate species. Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale. Pink dandelion - Taraxacum pseudoroseum. I couldn't find much info on it other than it seems to have all the same properties as regular dandelion but reports are that the leaves aren't quite as bitter.

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    @torey Thanks, I was totally unaware!

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    We have so many dandelions! We'll be digging the roots soon for Dandelion Root tea. It's a great substitute for coffee if you don't want caffeine.

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    I am planting dandelions. They are one of the few greens that keep growing in the heat of summer. So the volunteers who have come into my containers are cared for like all the other greens. This morning when i finally saw the puffy seed head on one . I called to my 18 year old son to help me reseed the dandelions. We took them under the aspen treens that ive just added guinea pig mulch and wood chip to, and blew them like little kids everywhere. Both of us thinking how few dandelions we see about in schools parks and lawns anymore. He saying its even less niw than a few years ago when he was a kid. And ke remembering how all grass was full of dandelions and clover when i was a kid in the 70’s. What monsanto has wrought, a world wheree even dandelions are scarce. Thankful and happy to see others raising dandelions too. 😍. .

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    My son blowig dandelions at the beach 12 years ago. And now today with me as a grown man reseeding our yard with love.

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    Added bonus is that you can also make a wish on them when you reseed them lol.