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Hello we are a farm in croatia producing cheese meat eggs and vegetables ,

Let me meet you tell me what you do


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    Hi @rosambur1! Welcome to the forum. I just sent you a rebooking link for a welcome call. I will be the one you'll chat with. 😄

    I am looking forward to the call for a special reason. I met a wonderful immigrant (to Canada) family from Croatia. They moved over to a different province in Canada a few years ago. We really miss them. They are great ambassadors for your country and left a very positive impression on us. I am excited to chat with someone who lives there!

    Do you have your own milk cows? We have two jerseys who are due to calve in Aug. and Sept. We have made some cheeses, but I would be interested in any recipes & tips that you wish to share.

    We also have one Scottish highland-beef shorthorn cross (the breed is known as Luing). We will be bringing home a purebred highland bull at the end of June. We are quite excited about getting him!

    I breed heritage chickens and focus on jersey giants & french black copper marans, both blue and black variations of each breed. I also have cotournix quail, one serama rooster, chocolate ameraucana, a few silkies, guinea fowl, and a trio of peafowl...two have the white gene.

    We have two pigs, a riding horse and of course, the usual dog & barn cats.

    We are waiting for rain to stop so we can finish planting our garden. The potatoes are in at least.

    I'm learning about foraging & medicinal plants, and am going to try my hand at growing some indoors. I love houseplants, so it should be an interesting adventure.

    I am glad to see that you found your way here.