Show 84: June Foraging for Wild Greens and Boneset, a Remarkable Herb


  • Torey
    Torey Posts: 5,502 admin

    Wish I had ramps. I hear other talking about them and they sound delicious. I like anything in the onion family. Our wild onions here are quite small and not always in great abundance.

    Glad you pointed out the difference between Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) and Knitbone or Comfrey (Symphytum) for those who are new to herbal medicine and may be confused by the common names. I always have a large bottle of boneset tincture on hand.

  • judsoncarroll4
    judsoncarroll4 Posts: 5,353 admin

    Ramps are my all time favorite wild edible plant - they are a sweet alium, that is only mildly hot. The flavor is somewhere between a shallot and a leek, but with the pungency of garlic..