Horehound candy?

I have a clog of horehounds (the white variety, if I remember correctly), growing on a hot, sandy bank on the side of the house. Does anybody know how to make horehound candy? Or, does horehound tincture also work for coughs/sore throats? If I make candy or tincture, should I include anything else like mint?


  • Torey
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    You can make a variety of products with horehound. Candies, lozenges, tincture or syrup. You could make a tea but it would be pretty bitter so you could add mint to improve the taste. I wouldn't bother with adding mint to the tincture as it is going to be pretty nasty even with mint added. Michael Moore suggests using either fresh horehound or freshly dried horehound for tinctures, so it must lose some of its properties or strength when kept for any length of time in dry form.

    I've never made horehound candies but there are lots of recipes on line. Basically, you make a very strong tea and add enough sugar to be able to get the mixture to the hard crack stage of candy making. There are recipes for molasses horehound candies, too. Another way to do it is make lozenges. So dried herb mixed with a sweetener (honey) and some type of gum paste (traganth or acacia).

    This link has both a candy and a lozenge recipe.

    If you wanted to add other flavouring, I would use EOs at the end of the process as you would probably lose the taste of anything added as a tea in the high heat used for candy making.