Raised bed garden questions?

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How can I discourage an adult for punching holes. Intentional digging in the raised bed after it has all been planted? It is possible this person is mentally challenged. This person is a quest of someone in our apartment complex. This person won't look at me and one day the driver pulled into and block the driveway for at least 45 minutes. The passenger was a male between 16 and possible 18 or older and he put out 3 beer bottles in the middle of the driveway (across the driveway). I feel if I were to say this garden bed is already planted or anything people will just dig away. What should I do?


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    Would it be possible to talk to the apartment dweller they are a guest of? Or perhaps the manager? Sounds like this person could also be a danger to the others in the complex if they are putting glass bottles out where they could cut tires, or be broken for others to get hurt on.

  • Torey
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    I agree with @vickeym's comment about speaking with the building manager. If this person has mental health issues, it is best not to confront them. Leave it up to the manager to speak with the other tenant that has this person as a guest.

    Could you put up signs that indicate the garden has been planted if its not showing signs of life yet?

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    @torey I could possibly do that and add a sign but I didn't know if that would exacerbate the problem. Thank you for the other ideas @vickeym. Half the garden is showing signs of life but you are correct in your thinking that the other side is showing no signs of life yet.

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    I sent an email to the property manager. Last night I heard a low knocking along my window in the front and I took a look at my newly planted beans (green) which are not up and there was a 3 inch deep cone shaped hole in that front bed. I left it alone and decided if it was still there today I will take a picture. There is no onsite manager.

    The owner lives in Hawaii and thinks the Oregon climate is the same as Hawaii. Strange ideas.

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    So the parting gift was to put animal feces in the raised bed garden. I am thinking of putting a sign in both gardens that says Research Garden. The onions did not come up for the second year in a row. The carrots are spotty in the last place I planted them. The holes in the front got covered up (cone shaped).

    I hope the person is gone now.

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    Plant devils walking stick in the bed- that'll teach em.