How to keep fire ants out of rabbit enclosures.

Martha Skinner
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I have lost the last 2 kindles to fire ants right after they were born. One kindle was in a colony setting and the other was in a hutch.


  • Torey
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    There are some EOs that will repel fire ants including clove, peppermint, citrus and pine but I'm not sure how they would affect your bunnies.

    Scott Sexton has written a blog article for TGN specifically on fire ants.

    I'm not sure where you are so not sure if you will have this plant in your area or not. Scott has another blog article on Beautyberry which he says is effective on a variety of insects including fire ants.

  • Monek Marie
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    I would plant herbs near the hutch area.

    There must be something drawing them to the area. Do you have a photo of you set up? Denise

  • Martha Skinner
    Martha Skinner Posts: 5 ✭✭✭

    I live in lower Alabama, fire ants are everywhere! I have heard of beautyberry being good as a mosquito repellent but not for fire ants, I will give that a try. Thank you fro the tip.

  • Cornelius
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    You can try this to eliminate the entire colony of ants:

  • Mark Baker
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    Create a water barrier that the ants cannot cross. I used an old baby crib for a brooder for keets for several years, with the crib legs set in coffee cans of water with a bit of dishsoap added to it. Check the water level often and don't let anything like a piece of straw be used as a bridge for the ants. My current setup is a cage hanging by chains from the rafters in the poultry house. That seems to work well.

  • Merin Porter
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    Holy moly, @Martha Skinner ! I have never heard of this happening, but that's terrible -- I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. Please let us know if the water or beautyberry tricks help. I sure hope so!

  • VermontCathy
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    Fire ants are nasty. We don't have them in Vermont, but I have experienced them when living farther south.

    In areas like East Texas, there may be a fire ant mound every few feet, even in suburbs.

    There must be good techniques for protecting chickens, since many are raised commercially in fire-ant area. But I expect those techniques involve a lot of spraying insect poisons. Organic treatments for fire ants may be difficult.