Happy Canada Day 2022 to Canadian members

I'm not sure how many from Canada are on the forum at the moment, but I'd like to wish you an enjoyable day of celebration.

To go along with the craziness of our time, some people out there are heavily discouraging celebration & even insisting on fully changing the name of the day and disposing of our flag altogether because flying our flag is seen as rebellion by some people these days, especially since the convoy last winter. That's so inside out & backwards, uninformed, & sad.

Just the same, many more proud Canadians are fighting back against the destructive ideology behind that small, but loud movement by standing up for our country & continuing to celebrate the Canada we have always known & loved.

Personally, we decided to stay home from larger celebrations in the larger centres due to the price of fuel, and so we have some special things planned for our family. Come dusk, we will drive to an overlook to watch fireworks. We can see them from our house each year, but by the time we'd see them in the past & drove to see them, they were done...so we are preparing ahead of time this year. Lol

Now to go finish getting ready.

What are your plans for today?


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    Happy Canada day to all of our Canadian members. Always remember that the country is still a place to be proud of. The leaders may not always be, but the country is not them. Prayers and good thoughts to you all.

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    Thanks @vickeym! My thoughts exactly.

    We had a change of plans when our oldest daughter said she wasn't able to make it out...and once more when our neighbor decided to spray his field upwind of our yard. So, no celebratory bonfire here. 😔 We had to put it out just after we had it lit.

    Considering, we packed everything up and went to a small park within a short drive, had a small bonfire, ate our goodies & went for a hike. The mosquitoes were horrible on the hike. I had 2 ticks (and I might have more yet). It's interesting since we have seen extremely few at home even this year, now 3 years in a row. We haven't seen any at home for a month or more already.

    I found lots of young hazelnuts along the trail & showed the kids. I'm always watching for anything edible that I can identify on a hike and will make sure they see it & talk about its characteristics so they recognize it later. Maybe we'll go back to fight the bears for the nuts in fall and bring some back to plant.

    We saw a racoon track in some silt by a stream. We also saw a very beautiful, large blue dragonfly that had black tips on its wings there as well. I've never seen one like that before. We sent some leaves under the small walking bridge and watched to see what would get caught & what would flow with the current. My young hazelnut cluster actually floated faster & better than the leaves!

    On our way back, we were able to harvest quite a few wild rose petals in an area that never sees spray. Now we have to figure out if we want to make ice cream or something else with them. What would you choose to do, @torey?

    We are now snacking/resting while we wait for dusk. Then we go out again for fireworks. 🎆

    It will be a nice end to a fun day.

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    Funny you should ask, @LaurieLovesLearning. I have just been out picking rose petals. But not for me. I have been harvesting with the local First Nation I work with. They are being dried for later use. The plan is to infuse a bit of oil and add it to face lotions. And I think some of it will be used in tea blends.

    I tried making rose petal honey one year but it was so overwhelmingly perfumed (at least to me) that I couldn't use it.

    They are nice added to a bath salt.

    I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy the holiday with your family, despite having to move the celebration. Too bad about the mosquitoes. They are very bad here, too. Tick season seems to be over. We had a quiet day with a visit with a couple of neighbours.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning that sounds like a wonderful day despite the spraying. Mosquitos here are almost always bad. This year it has been so hot they have not been as bad as usual but still pretty heavy. Too dry for them to get really bad as there isn't as much moisture for them to breed in.

    Population went down a lot when we were able to free range the chickens. Then the predators found out there was a buffet here. Have had to deal with fox, black bear, raven, owl, eagle and ermine as well as dogs running loose. And not even dogs that live in our neighborhood.

    Some of the owls got very brave. One took down a hen in broad daylight not more than 30 feet from my husband. He couldn't save the hen but the owl did not get the meal either. have found owls sitting on the roost in the chicken coop taking a break after killing a hen. If they find a way in they will use it.

    Ticks are a new issue up here. Never had a problem until the last couple years. We haven't seen any ourselves but there have been reports from vets and doctors that a few have been found on pets or very rarely so far on people.

    Wish we could grow any kind of nuts here. The trees grow but they never produce nuts. Been so busy trying to get our projects done have not had time to even try collecting rose petals. Maybe things will slow down in a month or so. lol

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    @vickeym He was most likely spraying for flea beetles in his canola crop. It does even begin to touch the mosquito population.

    The predators! Ours are weasels, skunks, foxes and on occasion, mink. Thankfully we rarely see domestic dogs and bears are not heavy in population in our immediate area.